Monday, September 13, 2010

37 Elegant Business Card Designs

We all want to be remembered, but for a professional, being remembered is crucial. A well designed business card allows you to leave a lasting impression with clients. In fact, your business card is your opportunity to leave whatever impression you choose to. With today's innovative business card designs, you've got a heads up when it comes to managing your personal brand.

There are literally billions of business cards floating around out there, and potential prospects most likely have a drawer full of them. If yours doesn't stand out, it's going to end up lost in the drawer with the rest of them.

For your business card to be effective, it has to be well designed and well-printed. It must be professional, easy to read, and must, of course, let your clients know how and where to find you. It should also make them want to find you. That's a lot to ask of a little 2 inch by 3.5 inch card, but you'd be surprised at how much punch the right business card can deliver.

There is some basic information your card needs to have, the first being your name. The card should also feature your business name, the address, phone number, email address and website. If your company has a logo and/or slogan, those should be on the card as well. If you are taking advantage of using social media for your business, add your Twitter and Facebook Fan Page URL’s as well.

Business card designs vary from quirky, to formal, to funny, and everything in between. Keep in mind the overall feeling you want to project to potential prospects, but no matter what design theme you decide on, it's crucial that your card remain professional looking. Have your cards printed on high quality materials with high quality inks. A flimsy card that looks homemade won't leave the kind of quality impression you want to leave.

Of all the designs for today's business cards, a clean, elegant card is always a good bet. Here are 37 elegant card designs that are sure to let your clients know they're dealing with a high quality company.

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